Corteleal products are renowned for their quality. From our beginnings, we have carefully selected the best pigs from farmers in Salamanca, Extremadura and Andalucía. The rest of ingredients go through a strict quality control. All our products are made following traditional processes from prime cuts.

Corteleal has been certified as fully complying with the Quality Regulation for Iberian Meat, Ham, Shoulder and Loin in all the feeding varieties, according to the Royal Decree 4/2014, 10th January.

Our products are certified with the Quality Label "Tierra de Sabor" (“Heart of Spain”).

In May 2017 our Iberian Bellota Ham El Elegido (The Chosen One) has been awarded the maximum qualification (3 Stars: Exceptional products with 90% and more of total marks) at the Superior Taste Award from the International Taste and Quality Institute, ITQI 2017.

In May 2016 we were awarded six medals by Qualitatswettbewerbe Butchers International: 3 gold medals for our Acorn Iberian Ham and 3 silver medals for our Iberian sausages.

In March 2016 we obtained the SAE Certificate, thus meeting the newest legal requirement for exporting outside the European Union.

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